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2) He overheard the women instructing the girl how to treat the customer.

"First give him a hug then ask if he has any weapons," he recalled them saying.

Last time I showed you my purse…everyone noticed I had weed in my purse.

"Money, lipstick, a little mirror, my license—what if I need my license?!

In Part 1 of our interviews with local Teen Health Educators, Mary and Keiana, we asked: If parents talk to their kids about sex, is it more likely that they will experiment, or will it equip them with tools to make healthy decisions?Nikki is a curious perv and she’s eager to share her findings with you!There’s nothing you can do when you’re caught out on live TV.But no doubt the incident left her feeling very red faced. That is not ideal.”Another said: “I’d be embarrassed but she recovered like a pro.”However, one user noted: “She could have done that somewhere private. ”This footage comes after a woman went to extreme lengths to punish a colleague for stealing her milk.Users online were left entertained by the awkward clip.

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